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Functional beverages have nontraditional ingredients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fibers, probiotics and added raw fruits.

All our juices are all natural and never from concentrate. Our ingredients are selectively picked from the finest sources around the world.

Yes, we have added sugar. However, our sweetener is from the most natural and healthy source the Blue Agave Plant.

All orders will be shipped 48hrs from the date of order placement.

Sustainable living is what we live for! Yes, our cans are 100% recyclable. Our tote bags are also made from 100% orgainic cotton and recycled materials!

We currently only ship domestically, however international shipping is in the near future!

No we don’t, but feel free to enjoy each flavor in our 12oz cans sold in 4 packs. Tell us which one is your favorite by visiting us on Instagram @drinkevenow

Heck yea they are!

Yes, all EVE beverages are gluten free.

Yes, EVE is women and minority owned & operated!

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