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We understand that often you’ve sacrificed taste for health. Or simply said screw it all together! Well, EVE is helping to change the trajectory. So, we incorporated tasty blends of superfoods, all natural, never from concentrate, fruit juice beverages with a superstar mineral rich ingredient, Resveratrol.

Class is in session.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in several types of plants. In grapes, resveratrol acts as a protector from harsh environments. Scientific evidence suggests that it can do the same in humans working at a cellular level to support healthy living. Published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can play a role in healthy living through bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose support, healthy cognitive function, skin youthfulness and oral health.

EVE Blossom Punch Functional Juice Beverage
May support bone health

Besides supporting & stabilizing healthy joints, resveratrol may have beneficial effects on bone density, supporting bone health in a way that synergistically complements those actions of vitamin D and calcium making it a key addition to promoting bone and joint health.

May Support Eye Health

Resveratrol has been shown to lessen the gradual retinal cell degeneration caused by unbalanced blood sugar levels and associated inflammation, essentially protecting against oxidative stress.

May help aid in heart health.

Resveratrol helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and healthy blood flow by dilating blood vessels, which in turn helps to maintain healthy blood circulation and heart health.

May support Skin Health

Resveratrol may significantly decrease systemic oxidative stress and increased plasmatic antioxidant capacity, and skin antioxidant power. Improved skin hydration & elasticity, appearance of skin roughness and depth of wrinkles and significantly decreased intensity of age spots!

May support healthy blood glucose, energy, and youthfulness.

Resveratrol may activate AMP(the main cellular regulator of energy and glucose uptake) also SIRT1 which is known as a regulator protein for stressors associated with longevity as well as healthy aging.

May Support Cognitive Health

Resveratrol may help improve cognitive/task performance and boost mood with improved cerebrovascular function.

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